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about US


We design and build furniture and kitchens, providing a complete service through design, fabrication and installation. We’re proud to be producing locally, and enjoy making in our Bath workshop, but our pieces of furniture have been installed from Streatham to Stockholm. 


We’re not a traditional joinery company. Our preference is to use plywood, a beautiful material to work with, both aesthetically and structurally. This lends itself to a distinct style, but no two projects have yet been the same, and clients come to us because what they want doesn’t already exist. 


We design and plan all of our furniture digitally. This works for us as straight away we can think about how best to join, machine and produce each piece. We can then present these ideas to you with the aid of 3D renders which make it clear to see what the final piece will look like.


These plans are then used in the manufacture of each piece. We utilise a number of different digital manufacturing techniques to produce accurate components that are then assembled and finished by hand. We generally use either clear lacquers applied by spray or hard wax oils applied by hand to create a high quality and durable finish. Doors can be finished in a similar way, but it’s also your chance to use coloured laminates or veneers to personalise your piece.